...From "The Foundation Series" Does my lack of knowledge of their absence show they are all present? - Hari Seldon

I don't want to believe it just because I want to believe it. - Dors Vanebili

Violence is the last refuge of an incompetent.

Never let you sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right. - Hobbar Mallow

After all, the essential point in running a risk is that the returns justify it.

We must know not only how to win, but whom to defeat.

You are careful not to indentify the emotion, as far as you can manage to fail to identify it.

The closer to te truth, the better the lie, and the truth itself, when it can be used, is the best lie.

It pays to be obvious, especially if you have a reputation for subtlety. - R. Daneel Olivaw

Superstition always directs action in the absence of knowldege.

It is astonishing that a collection of statements that are individually true can be used, in combination, to yield an effect that the truth should not.

मंगळवार, २ फेब्रुवारी, २०१६


इतनाही सफर मुनासिब था शायद मेरी उम्र की सरहदोंतक
तेरे खयालोंकी हक़ीक़त से लेकर पयामोंकी हसरतोंतक ...